The satisfaction of our clients is our satisfaction.


GARMA is the international shipping agency offering attendance of vessels
as ship agent and freight forwarder, rendering first class excellent quality
service to our Principals.


The largest share of our business revenue stems from containerized shipments, which is our main field of interest.


The punctuality of our services, the consistency as well as the encouraging feedback received by daily growing clientelle, have enabled us to grow to notable and innovative organization


The family business founded in 1992 by their experienced members.


What is GARMA?

It is a beautiful bay on island Vrgada facing the archipelago of Kornat islands,
the island of family roots. It is the bay with pineclad hillsides, schelter for many
ships from wind and storm. We have started with a simple but a lofty dream.
We are daily achieving that dream having designed our services to support
business with transport needs.


OUR STRENGTH is driven by probably one of the youngest, in average age,
management team, to bring forward innovation and flexibility.


OUR MISSION is to provide customers with tools that make transportation
faster, easier and more cost efficient.


To realize OUR VISION our organization focuses on innovative technology
and people with energy.



Supported by a highly experienced team, GARMA has capacity to operate
all types of cargo and vessels.
We are providing complete D/A for any of your requirement, such as:


  • Port agents ( to handle your agency matter )
  • Attending ship's entry into/from-arrival/departure
  • Arranging estimate port D/A-Port information and restriction
  • Husbandry / Owners representative
  • Attending Crew change


GARMA offers a comprehensive range of shipping and logistic services to
our Principals.




HEAD OFFICE: Croatia / Europe
ADDRESS: Trpimirova 4, P.O.Box 211 51000 Rijeka / CROATIA

Phone:  ++ 385 (51) 211-287

Import:  ++ 385 (51) 330-443, ++ 385 (51) 686-595, ++ 385 (51) 686-597

Export: ++ 385 (51) 323-268, ++ 385 (51) 686-908

Fax:   ++ 385 (51) 321-700

E-mail :


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